Macros in Cubase 7?


Is it possible to make macros in Cubase? I really want to make a simple one that open and closes the mixer when a project starts.

Many thanks in advance!


Yes, there is a macro editor in the keycommands editor window (at the bottom).

However, it is a multi-key command macro system, not a script executing macro system.

I’m not sure what the purpose of opening and closing the mixer is. What’s that about?

Ah, too bad :frowning: Well, it’s about the noticeable delay of the opening of the mixer for the very first time. Guess there is no way around this then? A very simple script should do it :slight_smile: That is in Cubase 7 of course! In Cubase 6.5 everything is fine!!!



you can use autohotkey on PC or applescript on mac to do that.

How do I do that? In Cubase itself? Please tell me more! The best thing would be if I wouldn’t had to press or click ANYTHING else when I opened a project in Cubase though :slight_smile:


No, they are not part of Cubase, you would have to learn how to use them. Maybe google them, there might be some info in the interweb. :wink:

If you like automating things, you will love those. I’ll tell you more when you put your system info in your sig.

I have found out that this is only true WHEN I open the mixer with my assigned key command. If I open if from the menu it opens real fast ALL the time, even the first time. So it’s something strange with that key command :frowning:


YOU HAVE to chose the channels via mouse clicking. Up and down arrow works fine and always gives a fast mixer. This is getting stranger and stranger :frowning:

So the problem IS: Opening the mixer while I have selected channels by mouse clicking. And this by opening it WITH a key command. THIS is the BUG!!

Now, can anybody PLEASE confirm this??? I give you more information if you need it.

Thanks in advance!