Macros missing their sub-commands

Hey folks, got a strange one here. I’ve just started a new film project and after several of my macros weren’t firing I went into the Keyboard Shortcuts to see what was going on. In my Macros window, the macros themselves are still there, but for about 90% of them the sub-commands are gone.

I’ve been working away for the last few weeks on another gig with no issues, everything working as it should be, and haven’t done anything that I know of that’d mess with the preferences. I tried going back to a project file from the previous job that I know was working fine, same issue.

I also tried restoring the Key Commands.xml file from a couple of weeks ago, and it’s also missing the commands. Oddly enough, in my Time Machine, the .xml file is 831 KB, but after restoring it and opening Cubase, it is down to 755 KB. I restored it again and opened both the restored version and teh restored-after-opening-Cubase version, and the freshly restored one definitely has more data under the macros. I don’t know enough to decipher it, but it seems like by opening Cubase, it’s overwriting the macros information.

Has anyone encountered this, and hopefully found a way back? I can manually recreate the macros if I have to, but what a headache.


I don’t know what might cause this.

Whatever might be going on, the first step to troubleshoot Cubase is to start it in safe mode, with preferences disabled. If the problem remains, you have then at least ruled out this possibility.

Luckily you have backups.

How far back in time did you go?

Do you have the entire user settings folder backed up?

Hey Steve, thanks for the reply. I tried safe mode with the preferences disabled, and no luck. But your question of having the entire settings folder backed up got me thinking, and I tried bringing the entire Cubase preferences folder from before the issue started off my Time Machine, and that seems to have mostly worked. Cubase was crashing a fair bit after doing so, and a new issue’s popped up.

For some reason, Cubase now isn’t seeing the F13 key off my Mac keyboard. It’s tied to a macro that now is not responding, F13 sis assigned correctly in the Key Commands, but it’s not doing anything, and when I try to reassign it and hit F13 I get nothing. F14 and 15 work fine, and F13 shows up without an issue in other apps, so it’s a new mystery.