Macros running multiple Logic edits

Hi All , Not sure why this macro doesn’t work . each of the Logical Edits work fine one at a time . I have a work around using Mega grid which run each one after the other , but should I be able to do this as a Cubase Macro? see below


Most probably this will be linked to the known Macro issue. The Macro doesn’t wait in between the steps (there is no idle). It just fires the commands one after each other.

I use the File > Save command as kind of idle inbetween the steps (if necesary). Cubase always wait until the Save command has been done.


Out of curiosity is there some other “wait” hack than “save project” since it can be destructive, something like project bring to front or toggle fold/unfold something that is more safe but yet make that pause between PLE commands ?

I agree , the save project will over write a project and you may not what this ?



I haven’t tried. For me, Saving is always good. :wink:

I’ve seen Greg using a different command but don’t recall what he preferred. Basically you can use any command to add some delay as long as whatever action the command causes does not impact your workflow. You could Zoom In followed by a Zoom Out, turn something you don’t care about on & off, or just on if you really really don’t care about it. Take a look at the Key Commands list and I’m sure you can find lots of contenders. Depending on how long a delay is needed you might execute a command more than once.

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I do like the concept of “dummy” commands in the middle!

Now, technically speaking, macros could be further extended to

a) allow for a “sleep” call, i.e. delay for the execution of the next command by a given number of milliseconds, and/or

b) allow as an option, the real sequential execution of commands. This involves “waiting for” a command to complete its task and then move on to the next one.

The second option could be a real challenge, because it involves restructuring functions, so it can’t be implemented as fast as one might think it could.

The first option, however, is one that can be built and I think it could be a good feature request.

As a side note and since there are always users who are assigning macros to controllers, in the new midi remote and its scripting side, this process of delaying before moving to the next command, is doable, by using pseudo-timers as shown here:
MIDI-Remote: 500 ms delay between two commands - #2 by mchantzi .


I’ve purposefully been ignoring the new MIDI Remote, 'cause I know it might suck me in and never let go. So I’m not familiar with its scripting language. There has long been requests to have a proper scripting language in Cubase. Do you think that the MIDI Remote capabilities can evolve into that?

I have to guess that you are referring to adding functionalities our of the midi remote context, for example, PLEs handling and so on. If this is correct, I can’t be sure about it evolving into such areas, since it seems that it’s focused on controllers. This is actually the reason I go for the hybrid approach, i.e. use the midi remote for whatever it can, and then bridge it with an external app to fill whatever gaps I find, for example typing, mouse movements, windows finding etc.

It would be obviously perfect if it will evolve into something much wider, however, I just can’t wait and try to workaround things when possible.

Now, since I’m not really an advanced user of the DAW, I somehow think that you and other friends here much more experienced than me, could surely present functionalities missing that Steinberg should hear and try to add. I do see some feature requests in the midi remote tag, but I’m sure there’s a ton of others that would be pretty significant too.