Macros/Shortcut to create empty midi clip


This might seem a very strange question…
Is there a shortcut to create an empty midi clip at cursor in Cubase 8?
I mean apart from selecting the pencil tool and drawing the new clip by hand?

I’m looking for a way to create macros to add such events with various length with key numbers.
I use these as custom rulers that I can move more easily than time signatures, in parallel of other audio/midi clips.

For instance, shift+2 would add a clip of length 2/8 at cursor, shift+3 same with 3/8 and so on.

Right now, this takes me forever to create these events by hand, even with copy pastes of existing ones.

Thanks in advance for your help



I cannot imagine there is this kind of command. But the Project Logical Editor would help. You could create multiple Logical Editor presets with different lenghts. Then you would just create an Empty MIDI event (any length), and apply the Logical Editor Preset (which you would trigger by the KeyCommand).

The Logical Editor preset would looks like this:
( Media Type Is | Equal | MIDI | And
Property | Property is set | Event is selected )

Length | Set to fixed Value | your wanted length.

Could this work to you?

And in fact, if you want to create these events side by side (one by one), you could create the 1st one by mouse, set the Value by the Logical Editor Preset. Then hit Ctrl+D (to make a duplicate, which will be placed at the end of the current event), and Shift+2 (or other) to apply next Logical Editor Preset. So then, you would use just these two Commands repetitevely:

  • Ctrl + D
  • Shift + number

I would say, it’s not so bad… Of course, you can yourthe Macros out of it.

Hi Martin

Many thanks for answer.

Actually I’m really not familiar with Cubase’s Logical editor.
A few questions :

-is it normal that you cannot open the editor when the midi clip is empty, but only when I add at least one note?

-in the filter part, I can make :
(Type | Equal | SMF Event and
Property | Property is set | Event is selected )

Now in the action part :
if target is Length, I cannot select any operation (it’s stuck to undefined)
the only way to select anything is first, in the filter part, to select Note instead of SMF Event, then select “set to fixed value” and define my length, then go back to SMF. But this way nothing works… obviously :frowning:

Is this the same for you? I’m working on Cubase 8.0.35 in french so maybe there are some limitations I don’t know of…?

Could you maybe send me a screen capture if you managed to do it?

Thank you very much again
All my best



There are two “Logical Editors” in fact. One is the Project Editor (Edit menu > Project Logical Editor). This is the one, I was referring to. And the second one is the “Logical Editor”, this is what you are talking about.

Yes, Logical Editor works only, if any MIDI event is selected.

Project Logical Editor works on the project level. So it’s enough, when you select an empty MIDI event.

I hope the screenshot with the whole setup helps. :wink:
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 17.33.14.png

Wow thanks Martin !!! :open_mouth:

Honestly I had no idea this project editor existed (like 80% of Cubase features I must say),
this is amazing and actually really simple to use.
I also added the action to rename the clips to 2/8, 3/8 and so on… veeeery efficient.

This might come in handy in the future, since I use these empty clips for all kinds of things.
Again, thank you so much for the trick !