Macs, iOS and Universal Control

Hi there!

I just saw a pretty cool demo about the upcoming “universal control” feature in iOS and MacOS and I am wondering how I can profit from this in a productivity environment, like in a studio with my main computer running and the ipad sitting at the side, functioning as a multifunctional expander, loop machine, drum machine, effects box, swiss-army knife (or whatever else you do with it)

Honestly, it’s great how it is but the one thing that has always been an issue for me is the transfer of files and audio to my main machine.

So I am wondering if there are any plans to improve that and possibly implement a better integration with running DAW’s on a mac, like cubase, ableton or logic?

A few more ideas (some are a little idiotic but hey):

  1. Should Cubase recognize the ipad and immediately connect it as a midi controller?
  2. Seamless drag and drop of audio/midi between DAWs (Cubase) and Cubasis?
  3. Integrating the Cubasis Mixer into the Main Mixer in my DAW?
  4. Let me make this even more ludicrous: Loading a Cubasis instrument into Cubase or a Cubase instrument into Cubasis?
  5. Measuring the distance between the next Coffeemachine and iPad
  6. Cross-Screen Time-Stretching

ok, I’ll stop :smiley:

It would be great to see some inter-device stuff happen though. It would truly improve our workflow.