Made an idea based on Egyptian mythology (Original Metal)

So I was inspired by looking up some Egyptian lore. I was really intrigued about Anubis. Something about ushering souls of the dead and being an embalmer was pretty “br00tz”. So I thought what if he had an enemy (I am not an owner of any kind of Egyptian mythology so wiki kind of half guided the information I have) and what if they went at it. This kind of came out of it.

This is also my first composition that I’ve made in about a year.

Please let me know what you think.

For a second there, I thought this was an orchestral piece. :laughing:

Good song overall. I like the variety in the aural palette used.

Here are a few critiques.

Overall, the mix is light due to the bass being non-existent. I can hear it but I really have to listen for it. The lower EQ bands of the guitars are coming through nicely so I’m guessing this is a problem with the EQ of the bass track if it isn’t simply a matter of pushing the volume. (In all likelihood it’s a bit of both.)

I’m not a huge fan overall of the drums. Specifically, the hi-hat and cymbals sound incredibly brittle almost like they’ve been downsampled.

The main riff in the first section of the metal part (starting at 1:15) is too far back in the mix. It needs to be more up front. You could argue to the contrary since it really isn’t a lead melody line, and you’d have a point, but I would counter that the listener needs a focal point to listen to so it might as well be this.

I’m sorry for misleading you :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually want to write an orchestral piece one day, but I fear I am too musically dumb to write for more than string and piano sometimes. I will push this out one day I promise :slight_smile:.

I agree 100% I kind of realized when I switched from my Event studio precision 8 speakers. I don’t like the amp sim I used for it so I think I will change my guitars around completely later. I think I will re-record alot of my guitars too. But for the sake of demos sake I want this criticism. I have been back and forth on the center riff for so long. So thank you for bringing that input for me.