Made CD with Windows Media Player but won't play in car CD player

I audio mixdowned the project into a mp3 file. Then I rendered it in to one audio file. And burned it on a blank CD disk 700mb from Windows 10 Media Player. It burned it onto the blank disk. I tried it in the auto CD player and it counted the seconds(was moving forward) but no sound. Some people are saying not to use mp3 but use a wav. file and change the burning speed .And how do I get Windows Media Player to let me name the disc and name each track?
Any help?

Try it again using a wav file.


Stock media players in cars are pretty much throwaway items, I think. I think car companies install the cheapest things that will get the job done. I’ve learned to expect glitches.

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It sounds like you are burning a data file CD instead of MP3 CD. If you didn’t add a name in audio mixdown in Cubase you can add a name by right clicking on the mp3 file select properties then details. You can then click on title and change the name then hit apply.You should be given the option to name the CD prior to burning it in Windows Media Player.

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I burned 20 rendered in place tracks (wav. file) to a CD-R disc . Most of them were beautiful, but a couple didn’t sound good. They sound like the volume was turned up too loud and we’re distorted. My suspicion is that the bad tracks were rendered with too much volume in the project to begin with. Any help.?Also if I use a third party CD-R burning app and don’t finalize the disc can I add more tracks until it’s full later?

Have you listened to the rendered .wav files? Do they sound distorted?
I haven’t burned a CD-R in years, but I remember I had to find a burn speed setting, typically pretty low, in order to get consistent, good results.

Maybe. Again, look at the rendered files, how loud do they peak? For final masters I keep my peaks at -1dB.

That’s a feature reserved for CD-RW discs and I don’t think you could play one of those in a CD player if it is not finalized.

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What I meant was if you burn a couple of tracks and uncheck the finalize box, then eject the disc and get back to adding more later, then finalizing it after the CD-R is full.

I got it working…thanks

That’ll fix it!