made the switch to Cubase 7

I downloaded the 30 day demo and was really impressed over all so I purchased. Been a Logic user since Logic 4.
Cubase 7 is a wonderfully complex but well thought-out program that seems to target the composer crowd really well. Perhaps that is Zimmer’s influence… whatever the case it’s a fabulous working environment and I’m loving how often the Steinberg team is releasing updates and the communication that is present. I think these are important factors for a piece of pro software… and its virtually non-existent in many of the competing options. Even if Logic X comes out and exceeds expectations, I’d like to support a company that is in contact with its users.

I’ve been taking notes as I get comfortable with this program… here are some thoughts that I think would improve workflow… trying to keep the list simple and not too open ended or complex, stuff that just speeds up the workflow. Please let me know if any of these things are already implemented and I’ve missed it!

Let workspaces save state of folders (folded or unfolded), vertical track height, and current vertical position on arrange page. Perhaps track status of tracks that were not present at last workspace save just go to default setting or remain unchanged.

When moving a region up or down across tracks in the arrange page, I’d like there to be a horizontal line across the page that lines up with the current track as you drag. Currently it is difficult to eyeball placement of regions in a large arrangement.

I would like instrument tracks to also show up as possible MIDI destinations. Perhaps as separate sub folder. I read that multi output Inst tracks are coming in an update… maybe this will be part of that.

Would be great if MIDI destination pop up menu had submenus for each port instead of listing all your destinations in one long list.

option for small text with name of region / clip when zoomed minimally.

Option (or control) Scroll wheel zooms all tracks vertically.

BUG: I was experimenting with external FX… if you have more than one in an insert path and bypass one of them by clicking off the send power button, it doesn’t not actually bypass it and continues to pass the audio to the bypassed external effect. If you bypass BOTH, then they will both be bypassed.

‘AGENTS’ for the Arrange/Edit Page. Would be great to select “Show only tracks with data on them”, just like in the new mixer. As well as the other Agents that are available in the mixer.

A shortcut for changing MIDI record mode from “New Parts” to “Merge”. What is the best workflow for tracking alternate takes of midi for the same track vs layering? I feel like a shortcut would speed this up.

A more informative processor usage meter would be welcome. I’d like to see what all my cores are doing from Cubase.

Last but not least and has been mentioned here many times… a simple ‘bounce in place’ for rendering a region to a new audio file on a new track directly below the source track… source track is muted / and or deactivated as well.

I will update this list as I move ahead. but anyway great work Steinberg! I’ve been checking out Cubase every version since SX and this is the first I’ve been compelled to jump head first.

thx for reading.