Made these with cubase 7 :D

made these tracks all in Cubase 7 what you thinks? :smiley:

I think this is what the “Made with Cubase” forum could be for…

As mentioned, there’s a special forum for that.

Anyway, interesting sounddesign, what synths do you use?

I could be wrong, but much of what I hear sounds like you use loops, correct?

hiya sorry for post in wrong section couldn’t find where to post >.<
Yes some files are wav samples mixed with korg M3 playing myself and also using Halion 4
thnx for the replys I will try to find the right section to post :slight_smile:
If a mod could move this post to the right section for me would be great.

Hi there…

moved to the right section…



Good to see, that you participate only in the really important threads.

:sunglasses: lol, let’s not derail the guys topic over Steinbergs communication decisions

Seems, that this was important enough.


(Sarcasm is like Scotch Bonnet Pepper, it burns twice,first time when you take it in and the second time…:wink:…)