made w/ Cubase7 :)

Just migrated over to Cubase 7, and just finished my first tune using C7, all I can say is WOW! thank you Steinberg you guys are legends! :smiley:

download, listen & enjoy!

For me this track starts at 2.20, prior to that I’m just a bit worried I’m listening to the same old loops I’ve heard on countless other electronic pieces…
But…after 2.20 the piece becomes quite excellent and more original sounding and I reckon it’s very good from there,
can you please tell me what the pad is that begins at 2.20…
I reckon you should lose the first 2.20 mins because some peeps might get bored before the really good bit starts…though I do accept that this is club/dance stuff and would be perfect in such an environment…well done, Kevin

yeah, I do tend to drag out my intro’s a bit, sorry its an old habbit. Yes I got that pad from Sylenth1, I just tweaked one of the pad presets in there to taste I think its preset “angelic pad” something like that from the first library.

thanks for the info mate…appreciated…Kevin

Oh wow this is your first song with C7?! Let me first say that Trace is actually my favorite genre - and I have listened to plenty of tracks over the years. This piece is quality work - very close to professional. A few things I did notice though - during the more “downy” parts of the song there seemed to be a lack of bass - even a very slight low sine might help add some ambiance. Also during the main chorus it seemed the pads could have been brought up in the mix some more - to finish rounding it out. (and this might be a more personal thing but the main synth “ting” sound I guess sounded like it could be “rounded out” a bit more - although I am sure that is something that you can’t do in this particular situation but a tip you could maybe use in the future - like listen to this track for example: ) <-- also shows what I was talking about with the bass.
I actually don’t think the intro or outro are too long - they are very fitting for Trance and were done well. Overall a very great song - downloaded to listen to some more :smiley:

I do have a few questions… like where on earth did you get those great drum samples! I would love to be able to make some more trance but my lack of any fitting samples normally hinders me. Also - I assume those aren’t your Vocals but from a VST…? Any answers would be great :slight_smile:

Hey Ethansight, thanks for the excellent feedback really appreciate it! yes those drum samples I collected from “Computer Music Magazine” DVD’s you know the free samples they give you with the disc, I have like 200 x magazines & DVD’s from over the years that I have been collecting, I think from memory the folder was promo from Big Fish Audio drum samples, check on their site they have some great packs available. The vocals were not from VST, I used a snippet from an old vocal session and time stretched the crap out of it using C7’s new time stretch feature, that time stretch feature in C7 is extremely powerful! the best I have seen yet anywhere.

Amazing track! Totally loved it!!! Love Trance! :smiley:

I also like this stuff. It sounds simple, but I’ve never been able to pull it off. Good work :sunglasses:

I also immensely appreciate that this can be downloaded for free. Trust me, this will get airplay on my roadtrips…at full volume, too :sunglasses: