Made with Cubase 4 - CIDERMILL

Here is my original song called Cider Mill:

Again a nice track, nice recordings mate.
If you insisted on me giving some criticism, I’d say the drums timing in the intro is slightly off in some fills. The organ could come up a little in my opinion.

I had a laugh at the rubberband you added, or what is it :sunglasses:

Thank you very much! well that is a Jew’s Harp or a Juice Harp, my reason for using that in this particular song is that the cheap musical toy the Jews Harp is one that is sold as a novelty at cider mills here, its a old tradition… used almost as a memento of a visit to the cider mill. I will take a look at that drum timing issue and keyboard levels and thanks for listening! …Lee oh as a side note, that song is my last song using midi drums, my newest one has a live drummer on it and will from now on…