Made With Cubase 4 Gator Land

Here is my original song called Gator Land, a Southern swamp story:

I love it - my kind of music! (well, one of my kinds of music :stuck_out_tongue: )

Glad to see you finally broke through the forum entrance gates!

Nice, full mix, good job on that.
It sounds like the vocal distorts slightly at times, is that intended or was the signal a bit too hot?

Hello and welcome. :slight_smile:

I’d say there is quite a bit of clipping. distortion

Otherwise it’s all very good. :sunglasses:


Thanks very much guys! yes there is some clipping, this was one of my first attempts using Cubase and a new microphone on vocals, things are much more sorted now and I’ve learned a lot since then. Glad you liked the song!

Nice, I like the guitars.

Thanks for the comments guys! no the distortion on the vocal was not on purpose it is the result of my overloading the recording mic and running to hot of a signal on the fader. That was a mic that I now longer have and switched to the Baby Blue mic and it sounds MUCH better, that and I learned a better singing technique got the proximity to the mic much better and consistent.