Made with Cubase only VSTi's

its electronica:

the only non Cubase Effect used was Nebula, but several instance throughout the process.

All the Basses came out of Retrologue - also the “Pad sound”

Really that synth is great! It comes close to Diva and Lush-101 - even if its not quite there - its still a reliable workhorse with good soundquality - better than common VST’s by others (NI etc). And it uses way less CPU Power than Lush-101 and DIva for example!

Nice, sounds good. Wouldn’t be something I’d listen to though. I generally enjoy minimal techno but I did think this could really do with a bit more variation. At least have some slow filtersweeps change the texture of the song a little, because currently you’re really listening to the same bit repeating every time.

Interesting… you have a great ambiance going on here. I agree with Strophoid, it needs more variation. Not even with instruments - maybe once in awhile you just dropped it down a chord and then back up. It also sounds like a lead synth would fit very well on top of this mix, with a very minimal melody. I mean, if you are listening around the two minute mark and then jump to the 5 minute mark, nothing has changed. Maybe I am just missing the mark completely here because I don’t listen to this type of house/techno that much, but I think it just needs some livening up.

I don’t know anything about effects and stuff but I agree with the variation comments. The first thing humans hear are the melody notes, the second are the bass notes and then the harmonic notes in between. When it’s purely just bass it gets very stale, very quick. You’ve got the ground work and a solid mix to start improvising some melodies to it though. A few chord changes here and there would be nice too as mentioned above. Good going so far :slight_smile:

Very good basis to develop as a song.

Some pointers :

The bass line definitely needs some structure - it sits on one note throughout the whole song !
I’ll bring in some melody line of some kind, together with an altered bass line , it gets too boring hearing the same sounds over and over for 6 minutes especially if there is no interesting baseline and some melody parts.

The concept is great !!

Develop this song a bit further and you’ll have a winner. Your sounds are interesting and lovely to listen to, but it needs structure , some chord changes and even a simple melody or contradicting melody.

But so far, excellent work ! You have the basic elements to develop into a bigger idea ! I can hear this piece in my head going to great heights and I admire your skills in putting together these colorful sounds !