Made with Cubase: STAY--the last hour with my mom

Wrote this song about the last hour I spent with my mom before she lost her battle with cancer. Made with CUBASE…any suggestions on improving the mix?


Very moving song mate, I think you did very well. The kickdrums seems to drown a bit during the refrains, and I wouldn’t mind hearing the tom rolls you do there a little better as well.

Kudos to you for writing a song like this, I don’t think I’d be able to.

very nice song. It was full of nice elements and a certain ambiance that sounds as though it could fill the room.
I too lost someone to cancer back in 2008 that later helped put together this song.

Sorry to hear of your loss - never easy losing someone close. :frowning:

Love the song, great vocal on this one. :slight_smile:
The opening pads sounded very monophonic - I would have liked to hear more width - I think that would help create a greater sense of depth and dimension and really add to the atmosphere. Great when the song kicks in at 1:20 - reminds me of some U2 stuff actually, BUT :astonished: I’m really not diggin’ the drums on this at all sorry to say. The FX/reverb/ambiance seems excessive and they sound quite distant as a result. The bottom end seems rather understated and lacking the kind of definition and punch I’d like to hear.

But like I said, good song regardless! :sunglasses:

Hi Brett,

My sincere condolences…

Good song, great vocals.
I agree with Ian about the drums though, especially the snare and cymbals have too much FX IMO.


Hello Brett,

My condolences.

A very touching song.

Interesting, I thought the opposite. To me the opening is nice and intimate and works really well allowing the guitar and other instruments to be placed in the space at the sides when they enter. And the mix can expand in to the stereo field at 1:20 and then again in the chorus and the rest of the song, which gives a sense of even more size. It’s all a matter of opinion though.

You can count me as another who thinks the drums could be improved.

All the best


Hiya Brett. My condolences. Must have been really difficult for you to go through that. Time’s a great healer, I’m sure you’ll have nothing but fond memories of her for the rest of your life.

As to the song? Well, the vocal is awesome. Amazing how passion conveys itself. That’s the case here :sunglasses: The snare could come up a couple of db 1:52 - 2:22. The splash cymbals are a tad too loud and could come down a few db so they’re more discreet.

Great song :sunglasses:

Thanks all for your kind words and suggestions!