Made with Cubase vs. The Lounge

I asked EdDoll about which forum should be for which… as we normally post tunes here, but we now have this Nuendo style alternative forum (called made with Cubase), so I was a little confused, so I will take another stab at thinking out loud.

Made with Cubase would be for finished sparklingly perfect works, whereas the Lounge would be the proving ground for mixes, etc… where we could expect critique?

Seems like there could end up being two areas conflicting unless this is made clear…


So the Lounge … business as usual … tightening up and perfecting.

And THIS place for Finished works …


Happy to have that settled.

Just noticed Zenda’s R2 fell off between the forums, lost in the ether! :laughing:


“Made with Cubase” is a place where you can share the productions/Songs you have made with Cubase and discuss about it. In the “old” forum the made music got “lost”. Now there is a central place for it.



Hi Chris, so we don’t then use the lounge for any music posting ???

That’s what I understand. Maybe there should be a couple sub-categories.

  • (Top Cat) -Made With Cubase
  • (Sub 1) -Songs in progress, advice requests
  • (Sub 2) -Completed productions

…or something like that.

Hi, I made it across too. What does that mean, “completed production”?

I was just thinking a song or video that was basically completed (mastered).

That’s a problem though. Is anything ever really completed ? :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot.

So, clear as mud I see! :laughing:

If ‘Made with Cubase’ was for completed/polished works only then there wouldn’t be much to discuss and I suspect it may not get all that much traffic. For it to be a more interactive and involved forum I reckon it should take on the full role that the old lounge used to provide for both works in progress and of course ‘completed’ works.

It may however take time to get used to the idea of having to now visit a separate forum for posting music and receiving feedback etc etc… :neutral_face:

I think it’s better to keep all the music separate like it is now, even works in progress are being made with cubase so it fits, and the music won’t get drowned out by chatter.


A Geoff’s forum … I always post my music in Cat and mouse … .and NEVER visit the ‘music makes for a quiet mind’. There’s no disrespect intended. Just the way my soul works.

For me, the lounge topics with some tagged [Music] makes sense to me … the music and the conversations are part of each other. I Do see a place for the ‘made with Cubase’ … but as an interactive and ‘archival’ area. The idea of things not fallign off the front page and getting lost, makes sense to me … so a place which just gets stacked with songs … OK. However … my posting method is to be gettign on with stuff, but lounge is open and I refresh it from time to time, and keep track of the action ON That Page … wich might include a sudden flurry of activity around a song … OR as with that thread YOU opened about bottom end … it WAS ‘hand in hand’ with Lenny’s Song Thread. There’s often, IMO, a paralellism.

My first impression is that this is all going to work … It seems well set up right now, and ‘organic principles’ will operate, I reckon, quite productively.


Well, I don’t see this getting much clearer… I do see the merit of the music only forum, so if that were so, then the Lounge would be more about musical life… I could live with that. So are we saying that the critique would live here or there?

Well, it seems Chris is pretty clear:

“Made with Cubase” is a place where you can share the productions/Songs you have made with Cubase and discuss about it.

So, one then wonders if we do post productions/Songs here can we them expect them to be MOVED by the mods to “Made With Cubase” :question:

Ya, I thought about that too, I wonder if they’ve got time to handle that culture shift!

Thanks guys, I mean for clearing this up.

The Made with Cubase forum can be seen by the general public whereas the lounges for each product category cannot.

Very good idea Chris B.