Made with Cubase

Made with Cubase mastered using Wavelab 6

Cool song!
Really like it, good singing too!
I think the Bridge could use a bit more reverb, it sounds a bit dry. The acoustic guitar seems a bit brash, especially during the refrains. The percussion used during most of the song is a great addition and also sets this song apart, but I thought it sounded a little ‘untuned’, for lack of a better word. Not out of tune, but without tune. More ‘flap flap flap’ instead of ‘pon pon pon’, if that makes any sense :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the dry vocal and the brittle guitar in bridge, really fits the tune…Might try to re master and bring down the high end that is jumping out a little to much. Tune is catchy !!! Thanks for the share

I like it, cool and playful vibe happening. really creative vocals and harmonies.
maybe a bit wider spectrum in the mix, its a bit toppy. hmm but in some ways it works.
neat stuff

For me its a bit cheesy but no doubt some people will like that. I think its recorded well and everything’s nice n clear. Just not a big fan of this type of track.

I took some of your suggestions and did a remix. Thanks for your advice

I think this new mix is a significant improvement. And strangely on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, n even 5th listening of the new mix, im finding this tune is one of them that sticks in your mind. Y’know my favourite bit is from 3.04 to the end. For me its very Beatles like and i love that. As an outro its quality. In fact when i look back with that in mind there is several places i can hear Beatles kind of influence in this track, backing vocals n the chorus (even the subject matter) n things. I guess, despite my immediate judgement, Ill say that this track, for me, is one you need to listen to a few times before you start to get it. Although i guess i could say im not your target audience as such, the more i listen the more i find in it that interests me. The new mix works much better. The guitar sits much better than before. The vocal too. Its not as in your face kinda thing.

Wow thanks for the feedback. What a better mix can do I suppose. I agree with The Beatles reference. The fact that that I used a German Hofner 500/1, my drumming style sounds Ringo-esque and the electric guitar track is reminiscent of early George probably contributed to that :wink:. I consciously tried to blend early Beatle-esque with early 80’s Brit rock with a bit of me when recording & mixing this.

My final mix. Onto the next!