Made with Steinberg forum gone?

Can’t seem to find it…is it just through tags?

It’s still here, definitely! Yes, through tags. Made with Steinberg is in the Lounge category, tagged made with steinberg

Here’s a direct link:


Thanks Steve…yes, I did find it after posting. Was just being a bit grumpy at all this change. Pah! In my day etc, etc… thanks again.

grump away! It’s one of my pastimes too…

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Great! So how do you see who actually made the track. We all have our favourites to follow, or not.

Just by observing the user name in the post- or did I misunderstand?

I don’t see any user name. I do see Avatars to the right and if I hover on the first I get the user name then. Not very efficient.

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I see people are adding user name to the titles…maybe. That should be part of the header IMO. Where’s the Hamster? Bring him back!