Made with Steinberg


I`m currently using Cubase Pro / Halion 6 / Drum kits / Etc. by Steinberg for all my songs:

My own productions:

EDM6 Transforming into fusion (Midi guitar against Halion Foggy Sax)
Kind of Blue
Late for Lunch (Midi guitar against Halion Foggy Sax)

The songs below was made for fun testing drum-kits from Steinberg.

Lost tribal

A couple of remixes:

Charlotte Cardin`s California (Tor-Bjarne Henriksen Remix) (Got rights to distribute my remix on SoundCloud)
Sobe Lash LIT (Tor-Bjarne Henriksen remix)

Tor-Bjarne :slight_smile:

Hello TBH, I listened to the first three. I take it you’re a competent guitarist. What guitar was that in the picture on Soundcloud? I especially liked the sounds you were getting on “Kind of Blue”.

Hi Early21,

And thank you for your nice words.

I`m using my old Gibson Les Paul, pretty much like the one in the picture, I used it plugged directly into my UR28M using a Guitar amplifier plugin from Plugin Alliance.

I`m currently working on this project (raw mix) using my guitar in this way :slight_smile:


Hi TBH, I clicked the link, and Soundcloud said the link was not there any more.

Hi Early,

Think the link should work now :slight_smile: ( and the whole link/page is: