Magic Death Eye plugins and Cubase 10.5?

is anybody else using the Magic Death Eye compressor plugins with the Cubase?

At least with my PC setup (specs in signature) they seem to be CPU hogs, especially if you use the ”Laura” modes (on either) or try to use the 2×sampling rate on the Stereo version – snap, crackle and pop! Even though my one-year-old PC setup should be pretty powerful, I need to do an offline mix and listen to the results with a .wav editor to hear how the thing sounds.

I am working in 96 kHz / 24 bit and use relatively few (other) plugins – and many of them use the UAD cards’ processing power. Track counts are usually about ten to twenty, never more.

So – is it me, the plugins, the computer, something else? Can’t fault the sound of MDE comps, though.



I use the stereo plugin on quite a modest system (see my signature) without any problems though I don’t tend to use Laura mode. I work at 24/96 too.

Ok, so the problem is somewhere in my setup. Thanks for the answer!