Magic Night Quick Loop

Hey guys,

Its been awhile since I posted here but in the southeast at least we got snowed in and I decided to play around on the keyboard and find a little something to record. Really ditched all my incomplete projects after chasing around vocalists for a long time. Will likely come back to those once I have a bit more budget. Didn’t really put long into this mix but if anybody wants to get their hands dirty for fun I’ll gladly send files.

Thanks for taking the time to listen


Nice ‘‘airy’’ and happy piece…lacks ‘‘light and shade’’ but as you said…it’s a quick demo…but nice… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input Kevin. Probably no shade feel due to there being no minor chords. If I ever decided to expand this I would add in something of that nature. Good catch, and thanks for all the listens everybody. :wink:

Nice uplifting vibe to this one… got a strong soundtrack feel to my ears too.
Mix sounds perfectly fine to me - I don’t think you need to be sending files to anyone! :sunglasses:

I love it when folks in the south east get snowed in, being a northerner, or at least a Midlander! Definition of S-E snowed in - 2 flakes, one on top of the other :slight_smile:
Just kidding.
Nice quick piece Bane & you should develop it. It has that Lanz & Spear New Age feel to it to my ears & I think it could go places if you develop it (when it snows again!). I’d slow it down though & squeeze some more emotion from it.
Liked it.

Very well judged mix - lots of space and punch where needed.