*magic* sends?


is there any way that :

the more i send a channels audio into the sends, the less that channel plays?

like a crossfader (send value function) that has the dry X-channel audio on the left and the 100% wet X-channel audio signal on the right…?

meaning, the more i feed into the send, less audio comes from the original channel and balances into the send.
all the way left : channel audio
all the way right: sends only

…just wondering…

Don’t know if you could play with phase and creative use of aux’s?

No, but there is a simple alternative way to do this for most occasions - use an insert plugin with a wet / dry knob instead. Most reverb and delay plugs have this, as do modulation style fx and also a fair few compressors too.

with a side-chain you could

Vinyl- not an option - it would then affect all audio going into sends… Meaning, i would need one insert for each channel - meaning, i might as well use the plug as an insert, meaning, not as intended;) but thx

Baba- please explain…

Control the fader via midi (or remote control say) and then control the send(s) using the same midi but inverted. Could work… Quick keys maybe??


heya mike=)

if i lower the fader, the sends dont receive anything…
if I route the audio to sends only the original channel doesnt play anything…

Aha, you need to set the sends as pre-fader instead of post-fader and they’ll be independent of the channel fader then. Maybe this will almost provide you with what you need?


HAH! You got it! pre fader send and inverted controls would cut it=)

i would like magic side chain routing. just select what channel will feed the SC from the plugin directly.