Magic Trackpad finally supported!!

Good news guys… looks like magic trackpad and magic mouse scrolling/panning finally is supported and works great.
Congratulations Steinberg for a solid release. Still going through all the features but it’s been very solid.

If true, then I’ll be very happy.

Tested with both and seems to work great here. Slider/property changes with “scroll” works great too :astonished:

Hi Steven,

Does pinch-to-zoom work with mac trackpad? Thanks.


No ti doesn’t.

But the movement is very fluent and nice.

No, but command+two finger up/down zooms in nicely as well as panning. Definitely a win. Even if only 90%


I didn’t know about this one, nice!

:nerd: :nerd: :smiley:

Anybody use one on Windows? Any chance that the support carries over?

Well blow me down it kinda works.
I still don’t feel like I’m grabbing hold of what’s on the screen but this is much improved.
How many years has it taken? Great work.