Magix Essential FX on Windows 11

I’ve just built a new machine with Windows 11 OS.
Wavelab is unable to see that Magix Essential FX Suite has been authorized for the computer (working fine in other DAWs on this build).
Magix support said ‘he put the suite on his Blacklist’ and has no other advice, typically.
They are VST 2, btw, though all other VST 2 plugs are working normally in this new build.

Anyone have experience with this, or a suggestion?

I don’t think WL11.2 can use VST2 plugins anymore…

WaveLab support VST-2 plugins, but on Apple Silicon.
In the WaveLab plugin preferences, see if your plugins were found and rejected:

They’re ignored, pic attached with what’s displayed.

All other DAW’s in the system are working properly with the Magix Suite.

This list shows the plug-ins that failed to be loaded. Maybe they are 32 bit plugins. In any case, try using VST-3 plugins. VST-2 plugins are an outdated technology.

They are 32 bit VST-2, and that’s all that Magix makes for this suite.
I do have other companies 32 bit VST-2 working normally, fwiw.

Sorry, but 32-bit VST-2 plugins have no longer been supported for many years. This is past history in regards to WaveLab.