Magnetic always on

Dear all,
I have a major issue with Cubasis 2 in my Ipad. When I try to freely move an audio clip - setting the magnetic to OFF - it keeps locking in the grid at very large intervals (if I’m not mistaken, in 3rds of 64ths). In the case of a moderately slow tempo - say 72 bpm - it becomes a serious problem, since the gap is about 20ms.

Am I missing something or the app has this ridiculous feature? Because as it is, it is an useless toy, not a serious audio app.

Thanks for any help. Best regards,

Hi Chang,

Currently having snap disabled, notes and events will snap to a grid as a 1/192 note.
It is planned to have this changed at a later date.


Dear Lars,
Thanks for your reply. The app is great but this particular issue makes impossible to use it for my current needs. Looking forward to this change, since I’m a Steinberg user - and fan - since the days of Wavelab 4…

Best regards,