Magnetic Bounds and Zoom

It seems that when I zoom in close to a certain point, the magnetic bounds don’t work.

For example, I have 3 files on 3 audio tracks and they’re all in the same place on the timeline. I want to make one match the other two in length by dragging the end. When I am zoomed out far, the end easily snaps to the length of the others. When I get zoomed in too close, the magnetic snapping seems to stop working so I find myself zooming out more just to get the snap feature.

Is there a setting that turns snapping off at a certain zoom in level? I would like it work at all zoom in levels.

I can see that too. I will have too check it.

Thanks, I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or by design because you assume it’s zoomed enough to match the clips by eyesight when zoomed in very close.

Either way, it would be great if magnetic snap always worked no matter how close the zoom is.