Magnetic Layout

Hi Daniel,

I just watched your webinar (which was brilliant btw and just what I needed to lift the mystery vail from Dorico), but at some point, I tested what you did…moving a note of the piano staff downwards and ALL your object (including the bass clef staff) shifted downwards accommodating the note.

In MY case every object moved downward except for the left-hand staff. The Treble cleft note just moved into the bass clef staff.

Is this a new feature of the next update?

Keep well, and well done to the WHOLE Dorico team for this astonishing software! You guys are truly geniuses! :slight_smile:


I think you must be in galley view, Hans. Dorico only moves the staves further apart in page view.

Thanks Daniel. I’ll check it out! You guys are geniuses! :slight_smile: