Magnetic plugin windows

Is there a way to have plugin windows “stick” to each other? Say i want 12 VU meters together side by side and would like to move them somewhere else on the screen. It would be pretty handy if you could make plugin windows magnetic just by touching their sides together, then just grab either to move all in one shot, instead of grabbing and moving all 12 one at a time. 'Just an idea…


Unfortunately this is not possible. Maybe a Workspaces would help?

Its not really necessary to accomplish this, it just would be convenient if they could stick together. BUT! I did request there be a way of Showing and Hiding All plugins to get them out of the way when needed, and now it exists! Whoo hoo! I stumbled across in key commands. It is the Windows menu. 'Wish i knew it was added, nonetheless I am very pleased to now be able to quickly Hide all plugin windows! :smiley: