"Magnetic Timeline" Workflow?

Is it possible to add a clickable on/off button that will allow for a “magnetic timeline” workflow such as how Final Cut Pro allows for editing on its timelines? It would really be nice in some situations when I am editing a large and complicated array of audio clips. Yes, I use “shuttle” a lot but it still does not have the functionality of the Final Cut Pro magnetic timeline. Thx.

Hi - Cubase does offer different ‘snap to’ options in the drop-down list in the top tool-bar; one of these is ‘Events’… would that be any use.?

(For future info:- NLE Video editors are a different beast. They can do this more easily since they (tend to) deal with event boundaries that move in ‘frame’ distances along the timeline - typically 1 frame in a 25 fps video is equivalent to 1920 individual samples of 48Khz audio, a much harder target to ‘snap’ to.)

Thx for your reply. I will try a few of the other ‘snap-to’ options and if I can get the desired results, I will post. And, thx so much for the tech explanation between audio and video editing! From your explanation, I can see the challenge! Perhaps someday the genius engineers can find a way to add this kind of workflow as a on/off toggle. All the best.