magnetics bounds - selection edges

i cannot use this as i’d like to.
in a normal wave window (not an audiomontage-window) the selection edges cannot be drawn to any spot. up to a certain zoomfactor (almost the biggest zoom), the right or left edges would jump to any zero-point (?, probably not the right term) nearby.
doesn’t matter if selected or unselected in the global-settings.


Activate the following option (should be the default).

it already was set as default.
if i unselect this option it will snap on zero-crossings at high zooms as well. so this option makes a difference.
but i want to be able to draw the selection edge to any spot i want, even at lower zooms (when this option is set as default and ‘Options’ -> ‘Magnetic bounds’ -> ‘Selected edges’ is unselected). this seems not working.

I don’t understand the problem then. WaveLab does not snap the selection edge if the Snap option if off.
“high zoom” for you, is most zoom out" or “most zoom in”?

allright, sorry, i was focussed on the ‘magnetic bounds - selection edge’ setting. thought selection edge zero-crossing must be responsible for my problem.
overlooked the item just above. oh man, stupid me…
pushing the z-button makes it possible to draw the seletion to any spot.

thanks a lot PG