Magneto 2 vs. Oxide


I’m a fan of Magneto 2, it has always done a good job for me; but, I recently learned of UA’s Oxide Tape Recorder.

Has anyone used/compared UA’s Oxide Tape Recorder? If so, is there a significant difference that would warrant switching to Oxide over Magneto?

Thanks :sunglasses:

I don’t use Oxide but the Studer A800 tape pretty often. Magneto does/can sound good but A800 has a whole different quality in terms of depths, warmth, overtones. The Studer, well driven, produces ‘saturation’ where Magneto breaks up to ‘distortion’ (less pleasant saturation).

Oxide and A800, though not the same thing, should compare well.

Thank you for the feedback – that’s helpful!

Take good care @marQs