I have Cubase 9.5, and I just realized that my Magneto is labeled Magneto ll instead of Magneto lll. I have the new interface, but even the interface is labeled Magneto ll. Anyone else notice this???

Here is a link to an image of my instance of Magneto. Notice it’s label.

yeah…i think magneto 3 is a paid upgrade

Magneto 3 is supposed to be included in 9.5, which is what I have.

hmmmm…ok… in that case ignore my previous comment and i have the same issue :laughing: :laughing:

I have Cubase Pro 9.5 with Magneto ll as well.

From this SB web page - What’s new in Cubase 9.5
New looks for Vintage Compressor, Tube Compressor and Magneto III.

Typo? Planned release in a future C9.5 update?

Plugin Reference: Magneto II. And since the dials are the same as before, it is obviously just a GUI update -so probbaly everything as it should be.