Magnifying glass instead of pencil when pressing alt key

I want to have the magnifying glass instead of pencil when I press the alt key. Is this possible?

I don’t think so since alt in this case is a modifier key rather than a Key Command.

As far as I’m aware you can change the keycommands and modifiers as you wish, but is the magnifying glass a Cubase function or do you mean the windows magnifier? If the latter it’ll be difficult I guess.

This is what I want:
Pressing a key (alt or a letter) should bring up the magnifying glass so I can zoom in, but it should go back to the standard selection tool (tool 1) as soon as I release the key. Just like the pencil and scissors are doing it by default.

This way I could zoom without changing the tool twice. As zooming is something I am doing a hundred times a day this would be very helpful. Pro Tools and Logic can be configured like this.

Oh right, sorry, I see.
I’ll try if I can get it done if I can find some time behind my DAW.

AFAIK, you can’t change your modifier keys. Of course you could bring up the Zoom Tool with a KC (6 default), but you would have to press 1 to return to the standard selection tool. Also note that ALT is not a valid Key command.

Ok, got it working with QuicKeys.

  1. In QuicKeys create a shortcut for a keystroke that is equal to the magnifying glass’ shortcut in Cubase.
  2. Create a second for the selection tool and use the same QuicKeys shortcut, but this time use “Trigger when released”.

Now I can zoom horizontal & vertical when pressing “<” and get the selection tool back when I release the key.
Additional I have set “y” for “undo zoom” and world is mine. :slight_smile: