Mahalo to 'SteveinChicago' & 'Vic_France' re: Sebelius—>C7

Aloha guys,

When it comes to scoring/notation I have in the past always used
Finalé and in later years Sebelius.

I just could not get my head around scoring in Cubase 4/5/6.

Then came C7 and for some reason (probably me) ‘The walls fell’. ‘His eyes open’. —trek

Today I just started a big scoring job for my church for the coming Xmas service
and without realizling it I just grabbed Cubase 7.06. Never even gave Sebelius a 2nd thought.

In fact I have not even opened Sebelius for several months now.

And I have these two (and a couple more) users to thank for helping me
to ‘see the light’. (printing this stuff will be another matter but one step at a time)

Can’t wait to use the new scoring enhancements in C7.5. and beyond.

Tanx again guys. Sending much Aloha. And ‘Happy Holidays’.

It’s the guys at Steinberg you should be thanking :wink:, but (and speaking on Steve’s behalf too :stuck_out_tongue: ) we accept your thanks with humble gratitude :slight_smile:.

Scoring enhancements? I didn’t read anything of that sort (my fault, probably.) Could you please detail what was “enhanced”?

I don’t usually use Cubase to print music, it’s simply not in the same league as Finale or Sibelius for that purpose, so why bother?

Scoring enhancements? I didn’t read anything of that sort. Could you please detail what was “enhanced”?

The key to better scores
The Score Editor has been further enhanced to feature all MIDI-related functions from the Key Editor, giving you all the tools you need, when you need them. This includes dedicated edit operations involving the chord track or basic tasks like quantize, transpose and length editing, all sorted and arranged clearly for a speedy workflow. You can easily switch between the score symbols and the MIDI functions Inspector with the new tabs at the top of the edit section. Not just another improvement, and certainly something you won’t want to miss by the end of the first day.

it’s simply not in the same league as Finale or Sibelius for that purpose, so why bother?

For me using one music programme is very ‘satisfying’,
and if I run into major probs, Sebelius is just a double-clik away.

I was never able to scoring effectively for more than just a small combo/lead sheet etc when using Cubase 4/5/6.
For larger projects I have used Finalé/Sebelius.

For this project I am scoring for a big band plus strings and chorale

Saxes-1st alt/2nd tnr/3rd alt/4th tnr/5th bari
Brass-4 trp 4 tbn
Rythym sec-Pno bs drm gtr
Strings- 4 violins 3 violas 3 cello
Chorale-30 voxes bs alt sp

And I am for the first time using C7 for the project and it is working.
Nuthin wrong wi dat.

BTW on a funny note (Bb)
My budget is enough this year that I can hire a guitarist (if they can read :slight_smile:)
so curteye can take the conductor’s baton. :slight_smile:

I will be thanking Steve and Vic (and steiny) with every wave of my arm. :slight_smile:
3/2 time signature anyone?


I concur! The 7.0 and 7.5 additions to Score are very useful. Being able to visualize and edit the music in different ways, and stay in Cubase is great. Like a $500 swiss army knife, it seems to have the tool (or workaround :wink: ) needed for most jobs. And Curteye, (speaking on Vic’s behalf) Vic would like to buy you and me a Pastis the next time we are all in Paris. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yes… but just the one… you’ll have to share it :stuck_out_tongue:

Zut alors! I have to be more careful writing the terms and conditions in my forum posts.

:laughing: … yeah, but I might stretch to two straws :stuck_out_tongue:

Hold on. I’ll be right back with my lawyer.

… uh uh … he’s gonna want a pastis too? :astonished:

Yes, of course. He is a Legion d’Honneur recipient who smokes Galoises and plays Boules with ex Zouaves in Aix-en-Provence.

… therefore… open to a bit of bribery… he doesn’t scare me one bit :stuck_out_tongue:

… anyways… back to the Score Editor :wink:
How useful is the new side panel in 7.5 to you?
For me, I am glad it is there now, of course, but, I am so used to doing all that sort of stuff in the Key Editor, that I’d really have to make an effort to change my workflow, in order to really make use of it in the Score Editor… but, then again, I usually do come around in the end :wink:.

Ha! Nice. (I mean the adjective, not the town)

I’ll get back to you on that.

When I saw it I was really psyched, but I also have not actually gotten into the habit. The next time I work in Score Edit I’m going to see if it can become 2nd nature.

I have lately been putzing around with new features rather than doing anything productive. That is my biggest complaint about Cubase, playing with new doodads is addictive.

Merci mes ami et bon chance. (excuse my french canadian)