Maidin an Fhómhair(rough mix)

Here’s a rough mix of the intro to a new album I’m working on…
Maidin an Fhómhair(rough mix)

I did a simple revision yesterday…still rough but better :slight_smile:

Maidin an Fhómhair 060521

Hi Bill, just catching up on the forum. Am liking this one. It’s a bit short, but I get the idea. Listening to others on your site as well. I think you are an admirer of King Crimson, Yes, and others that I love!

Yup, progrock is my favorite music form! :slight_smile:

I’d go deeper but most great prog projects are group oriented and I’m a one man band :wink:

Thanks for checking out my stuff!

Hi Bill,

Nice composition, but way too short!
I’d like to hear more. :grinning:


I agree, just got started from my point of view. Great start it was, too!

All the best