As almost usual we’re once again used as unpaid beta testers … i am not paying yet again 99 euros for a bug ridden ‘upgrade’. You who took the time to try Cubase 10, and report it’s misbehavior here, should be paid by Steinberg instead … … Although 9.5.41 is reasonable stable finally, there are still some bugs left alive.

Mr.Steinberg was so eager to make a coin that he forgot to test it …
Again we got a toy box full of broken parts … :laughing:

Yea what is this joke…

ABSOLUTELY…WORST UPDATE IN STEINBERG HISTORY, THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, WHAT IS THIS CRAP REMOVING MY FAVOURITE MENUS IN THE CONTEXTUAL MENU FOR THE ‘MOST USED’ ?..most used by WHOM???.. My ‘most used’ have been deleted and I cannot get them back, Gui problems, new LARGE fonts and windows tacky and very unprofessional looking…Really Steinberg/Yamaha…REALLY? You have destroyed my workflow and the program does not function properly…wasted money, time, effort and gone back to trusted 9.5 Cinsidering abandoning you once and for all.

Exactly, but usually after the 3rd update things might improve as with 9.5.

PS i don’t like especially the midi editor since v9; every time you’ll have to open it twice to get things accessed properly. Seems unchanged BTW …

But now it seems that one cannot use a lot of older plugins any more. jBridge came to the rescue when Cubase 9 turned 64bit only after v8, especially for my 32bit plugs. Then that friggin’ plugin blacklisting came along, causing working paid for plugins not to work anymore; even Steinberg’s own older plugins end op there sometimes. Almost like the car industry; they force you to get your car serviced by the brand-dealer only, by their own protected software. Seems like with Cubase 10 that route started: no more 3rd party plugins allowed. I am trying out Reaper and Tracktion right now, already have PG’s Realband.

The only thing i really would miss is the audio warping and pitching facilities of the audio editor, and logical edit. Groove Agent 4 already lost me. Too complicated and looses it’s VSTsound content too often. And now with GA5 there seem to be some similar issues. I bought Superior Drummer 3 replacing that. I’ll keep on using 9.5 for now.

Main complaint is that Steinberg’s policy seems to force basic changes and extras costing money down your throat, like the complicated Halion 6 system forces you to buy all sorts of unnecessary plugin synths along the line i would never use anyway. But maybe some of you do LoL.

It seems also that programmers get lost in their ways of keeping themselves busy by ‘inventing’ more and more stuff, while loosing the good stuff already there, and forgetting to fix old bugs on the way to ‘success’. No Cubase 10 for me at that ridiculous update price anyway for now.