Main Cubase Problem

Dear Steinberg,

I do love Cubase and use it since SX2. Now i’m using Cubase 9.5
I was really happy when you’ve added 16 inserts slots instead of 8,
but then i’ve encountered the problem (maybe it’s just me, but i think it’s common Cubase engine problem):

Here’s ASIO perfomance with 16 inserts in 1 track:

And here’s ASIO perfomance with same 16 plugins but each plugin has it’s own track:

Due to that problem i’ve to split my master chain with pretty heavy plugins in a few pre-mastering buses and now i’m even thinking of using
Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 to avoid ASIO overload issue. Most of my projects consists of 50-80 tracks. I’m using 1024 ASIO buffer.
When Cubase shows that my ASIO is loaded at 100%, my CPU usage is only 25-30%.

Can anyone confirm this issue with Cubase ? Does Steinberg know this and working at possible solution ?

If you put 16 plugins on the same track, then they will only be processed by one core/thread on the cpu.
I only know of one daw that can spread the load of a track onto more cores.
This has always worked that way, and was my argument for being cautious adding more insert slots pr track.
Now that we have 16 inserts, maxing out one core of the cpu is far more likely.
You can spread the load by using a group track or even another audio track.

Which DAW can for 1 Track spread load across cores ?


Am using Reaper for 7 years now and never knew that LOL ; Reaper Rocks !
If only it’s GUI looked liked Cubase’s …

Dude. Start bouncing :slight_smile: It’s healthy.

I prefer to have an ability to tweak any settings during mixing. hate Freezing :slight_smile: Anyway i’ve sold the problem using VEP 6 PRO. No more limitations for CPU usage any more :slight_smile: Happy with it