Main differences between Cubase and Nuendo?

Maybe I should have Googled around or try and find the info from the Steiny website itself, but instead I’m asking you who KNOW something about this:

What are the main differences between Cubase and Nuendo and what would be the reasons to become a Nuendo user instead? I’ll be only making music however.

I must have some major holes on my knowledge about Nuendo, but why the h*ll does it cost so much in the first place? It must be one really excellent piece of software. But if doing “only” music, are there any REAL and GOOD reasons to start using Nuendo instead? I even vaguely remember that when doing music, composing songs, MIDI editing etc. etc. then Cubase would be even better, but I don’t have a clear image in my head that in what situations Nuendo is THE software. Please enlighten me!

in nuendo you can use the range tool inside mediabay…

that’s gotta be worth at least 500€ surely…

Nuendo is the pro version. Cubase is the beta. Most of the functions is the same, but they are not released until they work properly. Cubase get the cool stuff first, but dont expect it to be painless. Nuendo is the choice for people how cant afford that thinks get a mess.

Nuendo has a more complex automation system, clip packages, advanced marker track system, bussing…

A bunch of things. Its a good app as well as Cubase. I use both.

This is an older one i found:

perhaps have a look to this. I think this give you a good overview about the differences between Cubase/Nuendo.

Differentiation Nuendo 4 (additional Functionality) – to Cubase 4

Functionalities for „audio to picture“ work

  • Alignment & Post-Pro-Editing Commands
  • Edit Mode ( picture follows editing )
  • Warp to Picture function
  • Insert into Project at TC position
  • Time display for Film Formats
  • Track Sheet
  • Sony 9 pin-Master
  • Machine Control
  • Video playback speed
  • Pull up / Pull down
  • DirectX Video Player
  • HDTV frame rate support
  • SMPTE Generator HD Format
  • Adapt project frame rate of imported video file
  • Broadcast Wave properties
  • User definable attributes
  • Renaming Options
  • ADR Studio support
  • Virtual Katy Re-Conforming Support !!

Other functionalities

  • Record SampleRates up to 192 kHz
  • Denoiser & Declicker Plug-In
  • Acoustic Stamp function
  • Batch - Offline Processing
  • Alternative Key-Command Sets
  • Advanced Crossfade Editor

Mixer Environment

  • Post Filter Plug-In

  • Fourth Mixer Instance + new Hi End AUTOMATION System

  • Fill Commands: Fill to Punch, Start, End, Loop, Gaps

  • Preview Function

  • Punch Logs

  • Touch Collect Assistant

  • Auto Punch

  • Virgin Territory Mode

  • Suspend Read / Write

  • Different Show-Automation Options

    Surround functionalities

  • Surround formats up to 10.2 (6.0 / 6.1 / 7.0 / 7.1 / 8.0 / 8.1 / 10.2 Music & Film Formats)

  • Surround PlugIns
    Matrix Encoder / Decoder Mix 8 to 2 MixConvert MixerDelay

  • Optional surround Panner

Network Collaboration

  • True networking and teamworking on the same project
  • User Manager
  • Permission Presets
  • Committing
  • Loading Changes
  • Automatically Apply Changes
  • Shared Project List
  • Locking Tracks
  • Chat Window
  • Online Merge

Project Formats – Exchange Formats

  • AAF support
  • AES-31 support
  • OpenTL 3.0 support
  • Premiere Generic EDL support
  • XSend support

Hardware Support

  • Euphonix MC Pro Controller
  • Euphonix System 5 MC Controller -
    WK Audio ID- & ID-mix- & ID-Edit Controller

Thanks for a comprehensive answer. However, I’d like more info on those issues right above. “More complex automation system…”. Meaning?

How does that advanced marker track work and differ from the one in Cubase? And bussing… How is that realized in Nuendo?

And you said you use both? Mmmmm… are there features in Cubase that are NOT in Nuendo then?

Thanks! :sunglasses:

I think your best bet to see if Nuendo is a fit for you is to download the manual and read up.

There are multiple marker tracks and view options. Automation has pass trees so you can try alt mixes, pick what you like and build on them…

NEK brings all Cubase features to Nuendo.

Well, that’s how rumors start… :open_mouth:
As we don’t have endless resources we can only release Cubase or Nuendo (and not both) at a given time.

In fact, Cubase is Steinberg’s flagship music production system, not Nuendo.
Nuendo is targeted mainly for the audio post production market (ADR, audio to picture, broadcast, … ). Nuendo would be the audio post production flagship so to speak.

As Woodcrest said, it’s a good idea to check the Nuendo operation manual.

I’d be interested in hearing what other applications there are out there where the more advanced version comes out LATER than the ‘cut down’ version.

When was is Steinberg promised “no more leapfrogging”?

So called leapfrogging is only a problem when there is no project compatibility.

LOL… Yeah. I do 90% music production with (gulp) NUENDO!

Indeed the automation features and others you mentioned would be great to have in cubase. I was begging for the automation feature set to be a part of Cubase in threads at Cnet back in the day. Cubase did get a little more but not all.

It was opposite in the past. There was a period of time where features were first released on nuendo them made it into Cubase later. This has changed.

Cost… definitely a chunk of change… I do find I work more quickly in Nuendo due to its extended feature set. Worth it for me, well worth it. Lends itself to fitting the lower budgets thrown at me that are so common these days. If I was a musician sitting at home recording, I wouldn’t have gotten Nuendo. Wouldn’t have been worth it. I would have bought another mic or preamp with the extra cash or paid my bills on time!


if you do a search of the Nuendo forums here, recently a few users were posting that they are selling their Nuendo licenses. If really interested, have a look. You may be able to get it for a descent price.

the post that tells what differs from cubase and nuendo, I reckon that is to be considered old world stuff as its between cubase 4 and nuendo 4.
how about these days ? cubase 6 vs nuendo 5 ?
Im not 100% sure on this, but I recall somewhere around cubase 5 or 5.5 there was a major upgrade in the automation that should be up to snuff on the nuendo automation…
but what else is different these days ?

overall I would like to have some “up to date” info from steinberg on this one. I appreciate the post where we can download the manuals for comparison, but… well, that feels like a really boring weekend project. I would like to have a clear comparison chart at steinbergs website, or as a pdf for download. going thru manuals for this kind of information… yeah well that is not likely to happen, is it ?

just imagine having that kind of a reply from a salesman at [insert any company here] when you ask about the difference to other products they have… yeah, that would go really well…
“so this [insert product here] I bought from you last month, can I swap it in for something better ?”
“yes ofc you can, that will be 1.000 euros more, thank you.”
“but wait, what do I actually get with the new product ?”
“well, if you want to know the difference you can download the manuals for the 2 products at our website and compare for yourself…”

please give us something better to do in the weekends…

OT but not kinda OT in a sense:
and yes woodcrest, I remember the time when nuendo got all the major improvements first :slight_smile:
I been a cubase user since it came out, and there have been a fair few times when I thought to myself, feck this Im getting nuendo instead. mostly this was when nuendo had all the major improvements.
well, some things never change. does it seem weird that I still hang on to that thought ? not really, as some really basic stuff in cubase passed thru the beta testing so easily. Im thinking mostly of the 48khz timestretch bug here… just imagine that happening in nuendo ? version 6 of nuendo cant timestretch at 48khz… yeeaah I guess that will never happen…
so in some ways there is still the same feeling where cubase is being a beta test for nuendo…
hence why I think its even more important to see the differences between cubase and nuendo.

LOL, Well, people have been asking for a comparison chart for quite some time between Nuendo 5 and Cubase 5. Nothing… yep nothing ever came from it… Steinberg did state that the new Cubase 6 feature set would be added to Nuendo. I’m looking forward to that.

Steinberg has also removed the crossgrade options Cubase to Nuendo as well as of v5. Sooooo I guess they aren’t looking for many, if any, Cubase to Nuendo people. Doesn’t make sense to me, but it must make sense to Steinberg. They are marketing Nuendo for solely post production and live recording work, so I suppose that is Steinberg’s sense.

Also, there is a way, somehow, to get a demo of Nuendo. I believe you have to go through a local dealer if I’m not mistaken.

Just for the record: In theory, yes, but right now C6 has numerous new features that NEK is currently missing.

Not for long! :wink:

As “crohde” said:

“Cubase is Steinberg’s flagship music production system, not Nuendo (many people don’t know this!).
Nuendo is targeted mainly for the audio post production market (ADR, audio to picture, broadcast, … )”

Cubase is not a “cut down” version of Nuendo. (Nor is it a “beta” application for Nuendo, as suggested.) The systems are made from two different perspectives, that may or may not converge at times.

As far as “music production” systems and whatever in that arena, composing, etc, Cubase is it. Has been since I used it on the Atari ST (though it was not called Cubase back then, but nonetheless).

Nuendo was introduced and is still advertised as a “post production” system. Which for many of us Cubasers are not in the business of.

Now that’s not to say that some, like “Woodcrest Studio” aren’t using one to do the “other” job, and vice versa.

Also, as mentioned, there are probably things in one system that would suit the other just as well for a speedier or otherwise more efficient workflow. (Like the media bay, etc.)

For most of the “musicians” that use Cubase, Nuendo is probably out of reach, monetary-wise.

One of the main differences is some Nuendo Users will be happy just using neundo and therefore won’t post in this forum but some have both so can contribute their knowledge and expertise, as well as experience.

Thanks guys!

I have both. If you’re doing music only, Cubase is the one you want. If you are doing post work and working a ton with video, etc, go with Nuendo. It really is as simple as that. Both applications are completely pro.