Main dynamic controller now editable in PLAY window

A very useful new feature in 3.5 PLAY mode which may have slipped under the radar a little is that, as well as the velocity lane, the MIDI data is also viewable and editable for the main dynamic controller which very often is a CC and not velocity of course. This makes it much easier to make tweaks to individual notes or short phrases than before and it’s great that there’s an “undo” features which puts things back to the default. For overall dynamic control, I would still use the invaluable dynamics lane, of course.

The new Note Length lane also shows its data which is welcome but you can’t adjust it unlike the others. It’s a bit unclear to me exactly what functionality is supposed to be there. If you try to select an area, it will sometimes show the value (from 0 to 4) of the selected length. If several different values are selected then it may show the/one of the other values.Sometimes it simply goes blank. Is there a clear envisaged logic here which I’ve yet to work out?

The intention is that at some point you will be able to edit that lane to add overrides, which could be useful if you have a passage of long notes punctuated by a short note (or vice versa) and you want to prevent the change of articulation at that point.

That’s precisely the way I hoped things would be going. Thanks, Paul!