Main ispector + one - is it possible?

Is there a way ( I think I saw it somewhere) to see at least two open in inspector area? For instance: channel fader and main inspector.

Hold down “ctrl” when you click anything in the inspector.

Simple things are always the hardest… :blush:

Thank you!

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: just came across this pic of Deniz Koyu’s studio… check out how many inspector items you can have open at once with a 30" monitor @ 2560x1600!
Deniz Koyu Studio.jpg
It looks like C6 + 2560x1600 screen resolution = perfect combination… too bad 30" monitors are so expensive.

Is there a way (somewhere in preferences) to make this default behaviour (without ctrl)?.


Bummer! I never knew this was even possible, but now that I know about it I would like it to be a default behaviour. Once again: Ignorance is bless.

I haven’t tried it but you could try saving a template with whatever you need open and see if that happens next time it’s started.

Yeah thats what I do. I have my custom inspector set up on all my default projects.

It was kind of a b*tch trying to fit in the EQ Curve, Inserts, and Channel Fader (while still leaving the all important Infoline open) on Win7 with my screen resolution at 1920x1080… I had to move the Win7 taskbar from the bottom of the screen to the right side and then tuck the very top of the arrange window under the menu bar (which means I have to hit “ctrl W” to quit a project instead of clicking the red X).