Main lounge/chat room, place to meet other players/singers

Hiya I really love the idea of VST Transit but it once loaded is just seems dead, as if abandoned.
VST Transit really needs a lounge with some sort of wall and online users (with invisible mode too) to bring it to life.

Is this planned or something similar?

VST Connect would be nice up to 4 or 5 people at once.

Thx, Guys.

This is a really good idea,

If something like the Steinberg Lounge could be set up for VST Transit ( Transit Lounge??) then the opportunity for people to connect via VST transit would be greatly improved.

Can any Mod’s chip in with their thoughts?


Jim B

I like the idea of a Transit lounge if it’s used for collaboration and not problems.

I cannot help but wonder about the effectiveness of this…? I noticed that previous commentators have existing accounts with other social media hubs – would this lounge not just be yet “another” one??

Some of the artists I may want to collaborate with may not be interested in a OEM specific lounge … similar idea was started by Propellerheads . I get that it may encourage for sales of product, but I doubt that my other connections are ready to switch DAWs just because of Transit… or any other scheme… :frowning:

I suppose the user base would be limited. Professionals would not likely be seeking random colaboration but they may be seeking clients or artists. Newbies would be testing the waters. Non professionals and hobbyists might find projects of interest.