Main Menu not visible

Main Menu with file, edit not visible at all.

Editit and mikser window works fine. I opened project via keyboard shortcut.

Tried options with aero and font size. Wont work for me.
W7 64bit, Cubase 8 64bit. Laptop. Maks screen size 1280x800.

On desktop maschine with W7 64bit menu is working ok.

I habe the same problem - is there any help?

No response from steinberg support.

Update Cubase 8.0.5 Doesn’t Solve the Problem.

8.0.10 doesn’t solve the problem either. Two tickets sent to the support team… still nothing.

I solved the problem I faced, please read my post:

Check also this point:

Check on the Property of Cubase 8 desktop short cut icon and all ****.exe files inside rogram Files\steinberg\Cubase AI Elements 8 \ and C:\Program Files\steinberg\Cubase AI Elements 8 \Components, mak sure NON OF THESE FILES IS RUNNING IN COMPATIBLE MODE OR OPEN AS AN ADMINISTRATOR.