Main menu reacts sluggishly when "File" is selected

The title describes the problem quite accurately: Nuendo responds immediately to all entries in the main menu. For “File”, however, the program takes about 3 seconds to expand or collapse the menu items. (It makes no difference whether I click on the menu item or hover over it with the mouse pointer). Within the menu you can then move smoothly over the menu items again).

I suspect that this behavior may be related to the “Projects” option.

Has anyone ever experienced something similar?

I’ve seen the same with Cubase 12… I’ll have my Nuendo 12 up and running in a couple of days, and will check promptly.


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Thank you very much.
By the way, I noticed that the problem only occurs when a project is open. As soon as the project is closed (CTRL+W), the menu item “File” opens without delay. So I guess it’s not the “projects” after all. (Had a hunch that Nuendo waits until a network drive wakes up, for example.)

Because of the “Atmos object thing”, I’m currently using version 12.0.40. But I’ve also noticed it with version 12.0.50.