Main MixConsole - Add Track - Auto Complete

Adding Audio input Tracks to the Project from Main MixConsole:

Using maybe a larger number of active audio inputs than normal due to convenience of a Dante environment with it’s Controller for Patching and consuming the streams through PCIe card, I have fallen into the lazy habit as I set up a new Cubase session/Project to just trigger a DAC stream and make an eyball “scan/sweep” through the Main MixConsole for a meter response, or if I have several meters reacting, just soloing a Audio Input to verify It’s the input I’m looking for and add it on the spot.

The feature of Ctrl+Shift+Insert - “Add Track****” is there, so it’s fairly OK, However the micro improvement is to auto suggest the audio input and Type, or have a setting in “Preferences” where Auto Suggest of selected track in Main MixConsole is pre-populated as “Audio Input”

Workflow Suggestion is: (Verboser)
As I identify the right Input and select it, I lack the ease (Automation/Autocomplete) of just “Right Click” and have the “Selected” Audio Input pre-set on the fly along track type of Audio, directly in the “Add Track…” dialog as it’s triggered/initiated/open from the Main MixConsole. While I’m at it, pls. pre set UIControl “tab focus” to Track Name and I can just start typing and hit Enter all by my self! :slight_smile: