Main monitor down, secondary up. No maximize?

Hi all, I need your help.

I have a setup where my two monitors are placed one above the other with my main monitor being the lower one.
I searched around and in previous versions you could have Timeline on the main monitor and open the editors in the secondary as long as you don’t maximize the windows.
I noticed in C9 this is partly fixed. If you have the monitors arranged one next to the other in the Windows settings, you can now maximize and the mixer and editors will still open directly on the secondary monitor.

However this does not happen when the monitors are arranged one above the other, secondary above main. I still have to avoid maximizing the mixer/editors else they return to the main monitor when reopened.

Do you have the same problems? How do you tackle this?


Sounds like they didn’t anticipate this setup. It’s actually one I’m thinking of using myself too, having the mixer in a seperate lower screen (but the main screen on top.)

This might just be considered a bug.

Oh man I will report this then… I went into a lot of hassle to rearrange the studio vertically. Never imagined it wouldn’t work lol. Should have tried first.

Look at this in the issues forum

Thanks for your input. That is very odd though, if I have my secondary monitor in any other arrangement (left, right or under the main monitor) I can successfully maximize the MixConsole/Editor and have it reopen directly maximized in the secondary monitor.

However this is not the case when the secondary monitor is above the main monitor.