Main out to Stereo UR44 MIX 1 not possible

Hello, I have a problem connecting the main out to my UR 44 MIX 1.
In the output section, L and R are offered as separate outputs and not as a stereo output.

So I can only select the right channel or the left channel as the output.
How can I create stereo output to MIX 1?
By the way, this isn’t a problem in Cubase, as you can define a stereo output here by specifying the left and right channels separately.

I miss (or overlook) this possibility.
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“Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO: Stereo 1+2” is “UR 44 Mix 1 L” and “UR 44 Mix 1 R”

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Ah ok. Thanks for this quick solution.
Have a nice weekend!