Main outs muted when a track is soloed.

I have a weird issue. Maybe I’m missing something. When I solo a track, my main outs are muted and I have to physically unmute it to hear something. OR, I can Solo Defeat the main outs (Alt+Click the Solo button) and that keeps it unmuted the entire time. This is not ideal however, because then I have to click on the D to stop the Solo Defeat when I’m listening to other outs (which are for different mix versions). The last group is routed to ALL outputs Here is my signal flow:

Drum Track—>Drums Group Bus—>All Drums Group Bus—>Direct Routed to 4 ouputs I’ve set up (Full Mix, Reduced Mix, Drum & Bass Mix, Percussion Mix)

Any thoughts? Is it how I’m routing things? Here is a gif of the behavior and a pic of my routing: