Main recording bus

Hi am relatively new to WL10 and forums in general so hope everyone is keeping safe. I would like to use WL as my main mastering DAW but finding it a bit confusing trying to record as am getting nothing when trying to record anything. I have just two tracks in the montage mode track one is my main play back track which I send out 3-4 of my audio Interface to analog hardware then returned to my audio interface (inputs 7-8) The second is my reference track which is assigned to to out puts 5-6. In Wavelab audio connections preferences I have set the main play back to 3-4 and main recording bus to 7-8 so when I try to record back into WL I’m expecting to see a signal in the dialogue box showing a Signal from my main recording bus but I get nothing, when changing it to main playback I do than see a Signal but am trying to record back into WL from 7-8 which should be simple so I’m presuming I must be missing something can anyone advice please.

Hi, welcome to WaveLab and to the forum. If you’re new to WaveLab and the forum you may be glad to know that Philippe (known here as PG) who created WaveLab and still develops it is very active on here. So you don’t get much more direct support than that!

Regarding your question, I hope to have a video made soon but this is how I would suggest playing the audio into your analog hardware and recording back on a new track.

  1. Make a normal stereo montage track. This is the track that audio will be recorded back onto.

  2. Make a reference track and put your unmastered song(s) on it. You can probably get away with one track because any pre-analog plugins you’d like to add can be done as Clip FX right on each song.

  3. In the Audio Connections preferences, assign your additional Playback paths 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 to be for Reference Tracks to play into your analog chain/

  4. Make sure in the Recording Tab you have the correct inputs set.

From here, you should be able to play audio from a Reference Track, into your analog gear, and record it onto a new track.

Maybe this very short video I made will help show you the settings:

Sorry for the bad audio but I had to just use the iMac microphone which is far away from where I sit.

If you download the video instead of watching on Dropbox, it will probably look better.