Main Room/Hangout

Hiya guys, vst connect is a great app, always has been but please add a main login room, with option to show online or invisible.
With ability to PM people and public invitations for people to ask to join or be invited too.

It’s useless and dead with out it, no chance of growing an active user base for it.

Would be nice to say search a singer or bassist or so on and invite them into a collab.

It’s great we can find friends and invite people now on vst connect, but as cubase is an expensive tool and vst connect has
no main area where to meet or find new people it is a bit wasted and frustrating atm.

There is no where to really connect or find vst connect users via the plugin or website.

Also if someone has vst connect se do they get free cloud space, and if 2 people are in a collab, who’s space is used?