Main Screen Size

This may be a Windows question rather than Cubase but here goes.

I am using a 22 inch monitor with a recommended resolution of 1280 x 1024 for Cubase 5. In my old age I’m finding the menu text and tool icons very small and would like to increase the size of the main Cubase window (GUI) if possible. I don’t want to change the resolution of my monitor each time just to use Cubase. I’m running Windows 7 Professional x64 bit with the 32 bit version of Cubase

Anyone got any ideas how to accomplish the above ?

Aloha GAJ,

I’m a Mac user but I’m sure the W7 OS must have a similar function to this.

There is a feature called: ‘Universal Access’ which is there to help physically challenged users.

One part of UA is for users with visual challenges.

With one keystroke a user can 'blow-up the screen image to a comfortable level
(you get to choose) and leave it there while working.

Once done, one keystroke restores things back to normal.

It’s not perfect in that it will not ‘activate’ when Cubase is loaded etc
but visual help is only one keystroke away.

I’m sure the W7 OS must have something similar if not even more advanced.


It’s called ease of access in W7. There are several options to increase readability, including the magnifier curteye mentioned.
I can’t help but think that 1280x1024 on a 22" screen is already really big though, and that’s a low resolution to use cubase with. How do you fit everything on your screen?

No joking, but I find reading glasses work well with the added bonus of bumping up my IQ when I wear them.