Main Stereo Out-Track?

Somehow I was able to add or show a master track that allowed me to control things over the whole song. It was like a track directly linked to the main out that I somehow added to the bottom of my project. I have searched hi and low and cannot figure out how I did this? :blush:

So in summary, how do I do this on purpose? I want to be able to add or expose this main output track on every project…

Go to your main output channel and click on the edit button just like editing any other track/channel. That will expose the main output’s aux’s and inserts, including the main EQ.

press the “read” or “write” button of the track in the mixer

You´re welcome…

Thank you very much! I had the problem for a few days now, I already feared I screwed my project.
Your hint helped! :slight_smile: